Camping Hacks & Tips

Tripod & grill


A tripod and grill is an indispensable tool, which offers multiple uses while minimizing on pack size.  Use as a BBQ over the fire, or keep your pans warm.  Click this link to get your hands on one now.

S- Hooks


S-hooks --available from any hardware store (even Ikea!) - or online here -are invaluable for camping.  Hang your coat in your tent, take to the shower block for additional hanging space, or a means of a quick hook-up line.

Milk Carton Lanterns


Don't throw away those cartons too hastily when on a campsite.  Take a few tealights with you and you can transform cartons into nifty lanterns that make fantastic ambient light. Click this link for 50x tealights with 8hr burn time.

Chill when you pitch


Pitching a tent can at times bring out the worst in us! Having a public domestic on a campsite is never anything to be proud of. Make it a rule that before you do anything, you pour a glass of something to drink - and embrace the fun while pitching. To enjoy a bit of home-from-home comfort - grab yourself some camping wine glasses.

Sleep on flat ground


It's tempting to perfect pitch your tent - door to the view or adjacent to your friends. But consider where your sleeping compartment is going to be, and try to avoid an incline. Nothing makes for a bad nights sleep more than rolling down a hill, or onto your partner. A decline toward your feet -you'll get away with though.

Paracord and gaffer tape


Accept the weather might turn. But if it does be prepared.  A reel of paracord works out a lot cheaper than branded packets of guy-rope. Use it to place additional anchor guy ropes  strategically around the tent. Also, gaffer tape (duck tape) is a priceless must-have in the event of small tears / repairs.

Clean zone outside your tent


 Kids can't help themselves ... running in and out of your tent.  A set of these rubber mats outside the doorway to your tent make a nifty 'airlock' between clean and dirty. And also enable you to step outside of the tent without treading in mud/grass yourself.  

Pegs for all ground types


You always get those nasty metal pegs with a new tent. Problem is they bend and buckle and frankly- in most ground they can be an effort. A set of good quality plastic pegs are actually more versatile in different ground types.

Essentials kit


One box -immediately available for all those outdoor mishaps. This kit combines a first aid kit with emergency outdoor kit. 

Vac-pack your bulky things


If you think you cannot go without your trusty pillow on a camping trip, then take it, but vac-pack it with these vacuum storage bags. In fact anything - fleece blankets etc, can be stored and transported this way.

Power to you


Too many times I have watched people inflating airbeds on top of their car. Get yourself an extension lead from car to tent! Sorted. It also doubles up as an in-tent charging station (although only use periodically to save your vehicle's battery)

Freezer packs + cold water


Freeze some bottles of cold water to put in your cool box as freezer packs.  As they thaw out - you have some nice ice cold water to drink too.  Top up, refreeze at the campsite freezer , and rotate your supplies- to give yourself endless cold water while keeping your food cool.

Useful video

Check out this great camping hacks video

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